WINNER: Best Actor, The End of Something, Astoria Film Festival

WINNER: Best Ensemble Cast, The End of Something, Bare Bones Film Festival

"...thanks entirely to the acting displayed by Shattner and Osborne...both bring a beautiful, doomed pathos to roles that could have so easily been devices of plot in the hands of lesser actors. This is heady stuff...performed impeccably by the two unkowns. Everyone else in the cast becomes a secondary player to their story. Finn and Artemis..are truly the emotional core, the heart, of the film." -

"The actors all acquit themselves admirably, particularly Kozlowski and Osborne...liberal Miranda and conservative Elizabeth are clearly the two smartest individuals onstage." - Variety Magazine

"Sarah-Doe Osborne seduces with youthful allure."

"It is Sarah-Doe Osborne's performance as Roberta that is truly outstanding. Osborne has a stage presence that allows her to compete with Undine's intensity. From start to finish, she moves and speaks with the ease and confidence of a born actor. Her Roberta is nuanced and intensely human, which leaves us convinced of her performance and endeared to her character." - Chicago Maroon